Plant your loved ones in a garden. It's not as strange as you might think

Imagine all the people in your life who have helped you grow. What if you planted them all in a garden? Strange, you say? Just wait and see.

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  • When we think of gardens, we envision beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables in abundance. We see the progress of seeds that grow until they fulfill their purpose. Gardens are peaceful places.

  • "Soulpancake" created a courtyard garden and invited people to plant flowers — each one dedicated to someone who had helped that person grow. Some dedicated their plants to parents or teachers while others chose life events that changed them. The responses and experiences shared are touching.

  • Just like plants, we start out as tiny seeds. When given the proper support, encouragement, love and room to grow, we can bloom into beautiful and amazing people who fulfill our purposes on earth.

  • Who has helped you grow and bloom? Parents? Teachers? Friends? Children? Maybe your spouse? If not a person, is there a life experience that changed your life?

  • How large and bounteous would your garden be if you planted a flower to represent each person who has touched your life in a way that changed you for the better? Chances are, your garden would be large — and it would continue to grow throughout your life.

  • Take a moment to thank those in your life who have helped you grow. Write a letter, call them on the phone or send them a heartfelt text or email to express your gratitude for their example and for the important role they play(ed) in your life.

  • There is power in thanking others and expressing gratitude. Often, we owe our thanks to those who set good examples for us. Kind, loving guidance, both spoken and unspoken, has the power to change lives.

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