Need dating advice? Ask a kid

Two men set out on a mission to find valuable dating advice.

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  • Dating is definitely not an easy thing to do. There seems to be many unwritten rules such as how long you should wait before you call, and when it is appropriate to take the relationship to the next step. Dating is tough because you don't want to mess up and there are so many ways you can.

  • Two men decided to take their dating questions to children. However, what they forget is dating doesn't end when you find that perfect one and marry. It is something you must continue to do to keep a relationship alive. Dates don't have to be elaborate dinners and romantic events. They can be something as simple as going for a walk or snuggling on the couch, watching a movie while the children are asleep.

  • Regardless if you are looking for that special one or trying to keep that spark alive in your relationship, we all need some dating advice. We need time with that one person, away from all the distractions of reality. For ideas on cheap dates, click here.

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