See what this cancer fighter did to inspire his daughter and others

While battling cancer, Darren made a video to inspire others to have courage in their own battles.

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  • Getting a diagnosis for cancer or some other potentially fatal disease can be devastating - not only for the person receiving the diagnosis, but also for close friends and family members.

  • When Darren found out he had cancer, his wife, Danielle, was pregnant with their first child. He decided to share strength and hope instead of fear and despair. This video depicts Darren's battle against cancer to the motivating, popular hit, "Eye of the Tiger."

  • Darren's hope is that his video will give strength and motivation to others who are also dealing with cancer or similar trials. The YouTube page reads, "Even if it helps one person get out of bed to fight another day, then the video worked." Darren also hopes that, when his daughter is older, she will see how her dad fought bravely to beat cancer.

  • Even though he is in the midst of a great trial, Darren seeks to inspire hope and courage in others. An especially great moment in the video is when Darren, dressed in a boxing robe, punches cancer and knocks it out.

  • Fighting a battle like cancer can weigh heavily on everyone involved. Helping a spouse deal with cancer can be physically and emotionally taxing, but keeping a positive attitude can help immensely.

  • Sometimes, cancer takes the lives of loved ones no matter how hard they fought to survive. It is important to make moments count. Sometimes, early celebrations of holidays or birthdays for the last time as a family can help loved ones cope with impending loss. Read how this 4-year-old boy, who lost his battle with leukemia, changed his community.

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