This baby wakes up happy every day

How would you like to wake up happy every day? See how one family starts each morning with a healthy dose of happiness!

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  • Waking up is sometimes hard to do. We're tired, stressed and perhaps we're dreading the day's schedule.

  • But what if we could start our days off in the right mood? That could change everything. Here are 5 tips on how to wake up in a better mood.

  • This adorable baby, Christian, starts his days off in a great mood thanks to his family. By playing the song "Happy," Christian wakes up dancing with a smile on his face! His happiness is contagious to all who watch him. It's hard not to smile as he starts moving to the music.

  • What could you do to wake up happy? Aside from getting adequate sleep and eating healthy, here are some ideas to start your morning in a positive mood.

    • Set your alarm to go off with your favorite "feel good" song.

    • Write down positive affirmations to read aloud that will help you focus on the great things about you and about your day. (If this is hard, try these 4 ways to find the positive.)

    • Stretch or do yoga.

    • Use invigorating scents in your shower or in your bedroom that lift moods.

    • Read an uplifting quote or scripture every morning.

    • Sing in the shower — either solo or along with your playlist.

    • Pray or meditate.

  • Being happy is a choice. We can choose to be happy and have good days regardless of outside influences. Read these 5 scientifically proven ways to be happier.

  • So, do something that feels good each morning! Whether it's listening to music, exercising or meditating, doing something good for yourself is a sure way to start your days off right.

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