Listen to these 3rd graders explain the meaning of life

Seeking the approval of others often squelches our passions, dreams and goals. We need to be true to ourselves and be who we are, regardless of others' opinions.

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  • Are you living up to your potential?

  • Third graders in this video suggest that maybe we are not achieving our individual greatness. They explain that when people are elderly and look back at their life, they regret what they did not do and wish they had taken risks. Are you going to regret a missed opportunity?

  • Meeting our goals takes persistence, even amid the negative opinions of others. The third graders tell the story of a bamboo seed that takes five years of watering and attention before it breaks through the ground. But, after it does, within five weeks it grows to be 90 feet tall. From the outside, as people watch you "watering" your goals, dreams or talents, they may discourage you — tell you to be "real" or that you're wasting your time. But that is because they can't see what you see. Read Don't just wish: 6 steps for making and achieving life goals.

  • Instead of being concerned with everyone's opinions about us, we need to just be ourselves. We are all unique and have something amazing to offer the world. Yet, for one reason or another, we try to fit into the same mold — look, act and dress a certain way — to gain the approval of others. Where is the value in everyone being exactly the same?

  • You are an individual. You are not a group. Instead of trying to be accepted, "liked" on Facebook or other social media, you need to like yourself. Live up to your potential and accomplish what you want to do. Don't be stuck with regrets of jobs you didn't apply for, books you didn't write, talents you didn't pursue, friends you didn't make, or risks you didn't take.

  • Evaluate: What do you believe about yourself?

  • It may take a long time for your goal to be realized, but it is that perseverance that brings about greatness. If greatness were easy, everyone would be great. It is only those with the passion, drive and persistence that achieve their dreams.

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