A child of divorce writes a powerful letter to parents

Divorce affects entire families. One boy reminds his parents that everyone is hurting.

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  • Divorce is a decision that affects entire families. Its consequences reach beyond just husbands and wives. It can have lasting effects on children. When a couple divorces, children's lives are turned upside down. No matter how hard a parent tries to help a child's life remain the same, things will be different - holidays, weekends, momentous occasions in the child's life, etc.

  • As parents, we only want what is best for our children, but sometimes we don't take the time to see how our children truly feel. We think our children are resilient and strong. We think they can handle the choices we make but, deep down, they are hurting.

  • The Child of Divorce is a website where children of divorce are given a voice. This video, found on the website, shows just how painful divorce can be for children. It is a powerful reminder that our children need a place of security. As parents, we need to be more in tune and more aware of our children's needs and pain.

  • On the other hand, divorce isn't a black-and-white situation, and many children handle it surprisingly well. Click here for 10 signs your child is handling divorce in a positive way.

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