Removing a splinter has never been so dramatic

Sometimes, coping strategies are a bit over the top. This girl copes in a very loud way.

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  • Have you had times where you had to find a way to cope with something unpleasant? Were you ever a little too dramatic about a situation?

  • This video features a young girl who is having a splinter removed from her knee. From the sound of it, you'd think it was a major surgery without medication. To try to cope with her discomfort, Francesca sings — or rather passionately yells and cries — "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" from Disney's "Frozen." The display of dramatics speaks for itself. But that was her way of coping with the discomfort and stress of the situation.

  • How do you cope? Do you...

    • sing?

    • pray?

    • talk to a friend?

    • sleep it off?

    • binge on junk food?

    • yell and scream?

    • participate in harmful activities (drugs, alcohol, self-harm)?

  • Whatever way you choose to cope, try to make it a healthy choice. Engaging in harmful behaviors will only make matters worse. Singing, talking with a friend or praying are some ways to cope in a healthy manner. Read Life is hard: How are you coping? for some coping strategies.

  • Try to not overstress about something. Sometimes we get overwhelmed about things that, if we can take a step back, aren't as bad as they seem. Trying to remain calm or taking a break from the situation can help us see the problem more clearly. Avoid becoming overly dramatic. This can make the problem worse — either for you or those around you. Do you have dramatic tendencies? Read Too much drama? It might be you to find out.

  • No matter the circumstance, there are ways to cope. From there, you can seek solutions and help when needed. Keep things in perspective and remember to breathe in and out slowly.

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