Watch what happens when these tiny tots discover their own shadows

Seeing these babies react to their shadows can teach us some valuable life lessons.

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  • How do you react when you discover something new about yourself?

  • This video shows several tiny toddlers who discover their shadows for the first time. They're adorable to watch as they learn about the world around them though the reactions show a range of emotions (for the viewer, it is pure entertainment). Some of the tots are curious, others are scared and some cry or run away from the dark outlines of themselves.

  • Perhaps we as adults or maturing children react similarly to new discoveries about ourselves.

  • As you experience growth or changes in your life, how do you respond? Are you excited for the new experience? A little hesitant about making changes? Do you get angry or start complaining? Or are you scared of what lies ahead?

  • Sometimes the fear of our own success holds us back. We may think we're afraid of failing or rejection. If that is the worst that can happen as a result of learning or doing something new, then it is a risk worth taking. The possibilities of success, happiness and fulfillment outweigh the risks of failure and rejection.

  • Much of our learning happens in the times of uncertainty or failure. Success usually follows many failed attempts. Try these 5 ways to cope with life's big changes. Also, these 5 ways to conquer fear may be helpful.

  • Instead of running from something new, we should embrace it, run with it and let our discoveries change us into who we can become.

  • As parents, we need to help our children understand this journey as well. Life is a learning process we should embrace rather than shirk. Read Helping your children find their passions for some more tips about self-discovery.

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