What one high school runner does when an opponent gets injured during a race may shock you

When a fellow racer from another high school gets hurt, one runner makes the right choice. Would you or your children make the same choice?

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  • Imagine you're running in the cross country championships. Everything is going well until you notice an opponent collapsed on the ground in pain. What would you do?

  • This happened to high school senior Melanie Bailey.

  • She came upon an opponent, Danielle LeNoue, who was on the ground instead of running. As other competitors raced by, Bailey asked LeNoue if she was OK. She was not. Bailey then demonstrated an incredible act of good sportsmanship - she helped LeNoue up and then carried her, on her back, 1/4 mile to the finish line. LeNoue tore a tendon in her knee which had caused the pain.

  • Though they were from opposing high schools, the rivalry did not get in the way of humanity - nor the desire to win a race. A Good Samaritan, indeed! Bailey is the real winner in our book.

  • Regardless of opposing teams or other conflicts, humanity and decency for humankind should prevail. Teaching our children to be good sports is important - and not just when they win or lose. Having children involved in sports is one good way to help teach children to do their best and to do what is right even when it may not be an easy decision. Read 5 reasons kids should play sports.

  • Speaking of sportsmanship, parents also need to make sure they behave on and off the field. I have heard parents actually encourage their children to hurt an opposing player or ignore an injured rival. Parents need to set the right example on and off the field. Read Why parents need to be good sports.

  • Choosing to be a Good Samaritan is more important than whether you win or lose.

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