Watch what happens when this man starts a dance party on a train

Is it hard for you to start a conversation with strangers or even people you know--including family? Why not start a dance party, instead?

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  • We've all been in awkward situations when we don't know what to say or how to say it. You keep trying to think of a way to break the ice, but nothing comes to mind or seems to work.

  • Why not loosen everyone up with a little music and dancing? One man did just that on a train in Perth, Australia. He introduces his intentions and invites everyone—complete strangers—to join in. When he turns on his music and starts dancing, at first, the fellow riders seem reluctant to join him. But soon there is a full-blown dance party on a train. And, they all seem to enjoy it.

  • It may seem and feel silly to randomly start dancing, but what's the worst that could happen? You only live once, so make it count.

  • Next time you need to have a difficult chat with your kids, loosen up a stiff crowd or change the mood, try your own spontaneous dance party. The results may be surprising.

  • Try dancing before you have these 8 'talks' you need to have with your children. If you're struggling to overcome these 5 reasons why your husband won't talk, it may work better during a slow dance in your family room.

  • Not only can dancing break the ice and relax tense situations, it is beneficial. Dancing releases endorphins that can boost your mood, and it's a fun way to exercise. You and your family can have fun and strengthen your relationships while enjoying this fun activity together. Turn up the music and pull out those old dance skills (no matter how outdated they are) and "kick off your Sunday shoes."

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