Killer dance moves take the bore out of the chore

Doing the dishes turns into the perfect time to practice dance moves for one young boy.

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  • We all have responsibilities that must be accomplished every single day. Sometimes those tasks are less than ideal and scream "boredom." However, they must be done. We can put a little bit of fun and excitement into our day-to-day tasks to make the mundane things in life seem bright and exciting. Whether we accomplish a task with a friend, make a game out of it, or as the boy in this video did, practice some killer dance moves.

  • Life doesn't have to be dreadful and dull. It is something to be enjoyed and filled with laughter. There is no need to wake up every morning with a heavy and depressed heart. For each task you dread, challenge yourself to find a way to make it more enjoyable.

  • Here are a few tips to stay calm during the storm's in life.

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