You'll be amazed how this girl turns the tables on Facebook bullies

When we are faced with negativity, we can choose how to react. How we react will make an impact — make it a positive one!

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  • Most of us are bullied or treated unkindly at some point in our life. We can choose retaliation, to ignore it or do something unexpected.

  • Caitlin Prater-Haacke does the unexpected. When she finds a cruel message posted to her Facebook page encouraging her to die, she, instead of listening to it or letting it get her down, becomes an inspiration.

  • Haacke made a positive sticky-note message for each student in her school and placed them on lockers. Leaving messages like "you're beautiful" or "believe in yourself," she created something good - and contagious. The students loved it, and the city passed a resolution supporting the "positive post-it note day" campaign.

  • Bullying has become easier than ever before with the Internet. Cyber-bullying has become prevalent with friends rating friends on a scale of 1-10 based on looks or how fun or smart they are. Some kids gang up to target a person or multiple people and bombard them with negative messages. Cyber bullies use Facebook, cell phones and other social media to hurt others.

  • Negativity and positivity are contagious. Spreading positive messages inspires more goodness. We should follow the example and wisdom of Haacke and encourage our children to do the same. When life gets us down, things don't go as we had hoped or people lash out at us, we can turn that into something good.

  • Besides following Haacke's example of negating bullying with positive sticky-notes, here are some other ideas you can use and share with your children:

    • Watch for those who are being bullied and become their friend.

    • Befriend bullies. Still be careful as to not become harmed, but often, bullies need extra love too. Read How to deal with a bully.

    • Smile genuinely at others, especially those that seem down or sad.

    • Compliment others often.

    • Be kind to others always.

    • Do not exclude others. Make sure your circle of friends is always growing.

    • Focus on lifting and serving others.

  • No one likes to be singled out and picked on. Conversely, everyone likes and needs to hear good things about themselves. Be the good you hope for in the world and turn negative into positive. Making others happy and feel good can change their life and yours.

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