A routine checkup for their toddlers left several moms in tears

When a few mothers took their 1-year-olds for a routine checkup, they weren’t expecting the news they received.

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  • When you become a parent, you put the needs of your children before your own. The worries and stresses in life become less about you and more about your children. Even though becoming a parent is a 24/7 job and one of the hardest things you will ever accomplish, it is easy to feel like nobody appreciates what you do. It is easy to become discouraged and feel like you are being taken for granted.

  • In this sweet video, several moms are taking their toddlers in for their one-year checkup. What they think is just a routine doctor's visit leaves all of them in tears. As you watch this video, be sure to turn on the subtitles to fully understand just what makes these moms so special.

  • As we face those times in our life when we wonder why we chose to be parents, why we are facing such difficult times, we must not give up. It is during these times when we need to show love the most. Pull out an old photo album and reminisce with your children. Talk and laugh about the good times. Take your child out for a "date" even if it is simply to get ice cream. Show a special interest in your child and put away all distractions. Love will conquer anything, even when all we want to do is cry.

  • Click here for 20 little ways you can show love to your family and friends.

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