Firefighters take extra step to show kindness

Sometimes making a drastic difference is just a matter of taking a few extra steps.

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  • We never know when one small action can make a huge difference in the life of someone else. It can be something as small as mowing someone's yard, making a phone call, watching a neighbor's child. It is the little things in life that really matter. It is the small things that help spread kindness around to those in need.

  • In Baytown, Texas, firefighters from Station 4, A-Shift, responded to a call that 65-year-old John McCormick had suffered a heart attack while mowing his yard. After responding to the call and taking McCormick to the hospital, the firefighters knew their work wasn't quite finished. They took the time to go back and finish mowing McCormick's yard, locking up his garage and leaving behind a note for the family.

  • Even though the gesture was small, it meant everything to the family. McCormick later died at the hospital.

  • Challenge yourself every day to serve someone in need. Look for family members, friends, neighbors and even strangers who look like they could use a helping hand. Serving will not only help others, it will help yourself as well.

  • Click here for ideas on how you and your family can serve those in need.

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