One little girl learns the true meaning of delete

When a picture is deleted, one young girl’s heart is shattered.

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  • For little children, it is the small things in life that can completely destroy their day. When one little girl deletes a picture on the camera, tears quickly come. It can break our heart to see children cry over the smallest details but do we often find ourselves doing the same thing? Has your mood ever quickly changed because your favorite pair of pants are too tight and you're mad at yourself for putting on a few extra pounds? Do you find that you quickly lose patience when your child constantly whines? Or, do the tears start to come when you realize your burned dinner?

  • Unfortunately, many of us are guilty of letting the small things consume our time. We focus on the negative situations and we forget about the big things that actual make a difference such as our family, marriage and friends. When those small, yet trying, times come into our life, it is important we don't let them tear us down. We need to focus on the positive. Smile. Spend time with your children and laugh. It really is the small things that can make the difference in your day.

  • Click here for ways to avoid letting others ruin your day.

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