Changing the toilet paper roll isn’t as hard as these teens think

One dad shows his teens how to handle a challenging task: changing the toilet paper roll.

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  • Sometimes just talking to a teenager doesn't do any good and every word results in a sigh, groan or eye roll. Whatever you say goes in one ear and out the other. One dad realized that if he wanted to talk to his teenagers at all, he needed to reach out to them via their way — social media. He decided to create a series of instructional videos to help them throughout their lives; help them through the real difficult tasks they will face.

  • This dad's first video is a tough one. It is one that many teenagers, and even some adults, struggle to accomplish. Thank goodness there are some dads out there who are willing to take the time to teach their children, and millions of other viewers, exactly how to face these tough tasks in life.

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