One dad learns you never steal a nose

When one little girl has her nose stolen from her, her whole life falls apart.

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  • Children love games. Peek-a-boo, Hide-and-Seek and Ring Around the Rosie are just a few popular games that many toddlers and children enjoy. However, for one little girl playing a game with her father, he takes the game a little too far. When he steals her nose and doesn't give it back, she is beyond upset and she is worried that she may never get it back.

  • Children have amazing imaginations. Any little problem or any game can be magnified to something impossible — like losing a nose. Encouraging our children to use their imaginations is a large responsibility for a parent. Playtime is a crucial time when children can learn and become more physically active. It provides so much more for them than sitting and staring at a television screen could ever do.

  • Click here for more information about playtime and why it is so important for your little ones.

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