One man proves that being a dad isn’t that hard

Dads often get a bad rap abut being incompetent individuals when it comes to parenting and household duties. One dad proves that certainly isn’t true.

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  • If moms can do it, so can dads. The media often portrays dads as being incompetent individuals, who know very little about parenting and managing a household. But that certainly isn't true. Dads can be superheroes — teaching children to ride their bikes, make the best grilled cheese sandwich, and be a best friend to a child.

  • This video is an excellent portrayal of how many dads truly are. These dads know what is going on in their children's lives, their children run to them first thing in the morning, and they even help get the family out the door each day. This video is created by Cheerios in hopes that these kinds of dads will help sell more cereal.

  • Click here for a few suggestions on how you can be the most popular dad in the world.

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