In this touching tribute video Robin Williams' own words about life and death will have you bawling

Robin Williams' own dialogue from one of his most popular movies is a fitting narration for this tribute video.

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  • Since comedian Robin Williams' tragic suicide a number of tribute videos have hit the Web. This one-minute video may be the most touching as it is narrated by Williams himself using his dialogue from Dead Poet's Society, featuring clips from his other iconic roles.

  • Put together by Irish ad agency ModernGreen, this touching video has generated more than five million YouTube views in a few days.

  • The video starts with Williams saying: "Please, don't worry so much, because in the end none of us have very long on this Earth."

  • It ends with him saying: "Make your life spectacular ... I know I did."

  • Williams' death has brought suicide and the mental health issues behind it to the forefront of public discussion. This is an issue many families face.

  • For signs and symptoms of suicide, click here. For a survivor's story, click here.

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