When true love has no ending

What would you do if you knew the love of your life wouldn’t live to see your planned wedding day?

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  • Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and preparation. But, in the end, the love between you and your new spouse is all that truly matters. Unfortunately, Rowden and Leizl learned this lesson the hard way. According to this video's description, the couple had plans to marry July 8, but in May, Rowden was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer.

  • The wedding preparations took a sharp turn and instead of planning it in a church, the location moved to the hospital. Within 12 hours, the couple was married. Unfortunately, ten hours later, Rowden passed away.

  • This beautiful video shows that wedding preparations really don't matter — the flowers, the cake, the venue. What matters most is that you are with the one you love and are willing to hold their hand through the good and the bad times. There are tragedies that will come into our lives but we must always remember that true love has no ending.

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