Following colossal failures these people went on to live spectacular lives

If you've never failed, you've never lived.
  • Those who are most successful in life, are often those who have overcome great obstacles and learned from past mistakes.

  • Here are 5 tips for overcoming failure in your life.

  • 1. Stay positive.

  • People say that attitude is everything. A positive attitude can help you stay focused on your goals when things go wrong.

  • 2. Don't give up.

  • One of the world's greatest leaders of all time, Abraham Lincoln only gained the U.S. presidency after a long string of defeats in elections. You'll never get there unless you keep moving forward.

  • 3. Don't compare yourself to others.

  • One thing we know about life is that it is different for everyone. It's a long journey and one that we make individually. Things are always changing and so it does no good to compare our journey to someone else's.

  • 4. Try something new.

  • If you don't succeed the first time, try coming at your goal from another angle. Or, try making a new goal. Sometimes a change in perspective is all you need to acheive.

  • 5. Be happy now.

  • No one is a total failure. Focus on and be grateful for the good things you have in your life. Don't tie your happiness to some future event — be happy now.

  • Click here for 3 ways to stop feeling like a failure.

  • Click here for adivce on letting your children learn from failure.

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