How to get sick without going crazy

Illness is a stressful experience for anyone, but for a mom and wife, it's nearly impossible. This article gives advice to family-oriented women so they can feel better ASAP and get back to the business of running their homes.

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  • Chicken noodle soup may be a tried and true, but women are usually the one making it. So what happens when you get sick? Add these ingredients into your life when you are feeling under the weather. That way, you won’t go crazy on top of being ill.

  • Freezer meals

  • You can find plenty of family-sized options in the freezer aisle of your grocery store, but many moms are concerned about the preservatives and questionable nutrition of these meals. If that sounds like you, do a search online for “freezer meals.” You’ll find instructions and plenty of recipes. You could even take it one step further and search “crock pot freezer meals.” So long as you can manage to crawl out of bed and open the fridge, your family will be fed no matter how sick you are.

  • Disposable dishware

  • Who wants to wash dishes when she feels like junk? Not me! I like to keep a stack of paper plates and plastic forks hidden away in my cupboard. That way, they aren’t used on a daily basis, which is expensive and not very eco-friendly, but I still have the option when I inevitably need to rest instead of standing at the sink for any length of time.

  • Guilt-free sleep

  • Don’t feel like you’re being a bad mom or wife if you get some extra sleep. Assuming they’re old enough for independent play, some time away from Mom could actually be great for your kids' development. Plus, you’ll be re-energized when you get up, ready to interact with your kids properly. If you don’t have kids, but your responsibilities as a wife are still weighing heavily on you, remember: your husband took care of himself well enough before you got married. He can do it now, too.

  • Couch-friendly activities.

  • Once you've gotten some sleep, it's easy to think that you can proceed with your day as usual when, really, you'll just wear yourself out. At the same time, sitting on the couch while your family runs around is just boring. That's why you need a supply of activities that your brain can do while your body rests. Try reading, writing, crocheting, planning meals for the next week or finally polishing all that silver. If you have kids, give them activities that require minimal supervision. Your health needs to be a high priority right now, even if that means your kids watch more movies than usual this week.

  • A little help

  • When we get sick, we’re running on empty, but motherhood never gets less demanding. If your kids aren’t old enough to play on their own, or even if they are, consider asking a friend to spend the afternoon with you and your kids. Even if you don’t have kids, having an extra pair of hands will keep you from getting sicker by pushing too hard.

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  • Ruthless prioritization

  • Some things simply have to go. Kitchen getting cluttered? It can stay that way until you feel better. Ballet practice for your daughter? Sorry, sweetheart, Mommy needs to rest. Getting sick can actually be a blessing if you use it as an opportunity to look at what was really essential. Maybe you got sick because you were doing too much to begin with.

  • In summary, when you’re sick, it’s time to simplify. The less you have to do, the sooner you will get better. Wives and moms don’t typically get a lot of rest, but your illness means that today, you get to make an exception. Go watch some TV ... and don’t forget the tissues.

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