7 dating ideas for spring

Date night thrives when the weather gets warm, so it's time to grab your sweetheart and get outside. This article will give you a few fresh ideas.

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  • At last! Spring is here! No more huddling inside for warmth staring listlessly at the same four walls. Put on some short sleeves, grab your honey, and get outside to play. Here, we offer seven fun dates to get you out-of-doors and on the move.

  • 1. Play a sport

  • Find motivation in the spirit of March Madness and the start of baseball season, but don’t let that stop you from playing whatever you want. If you can find a crowd to play soccer or volleyball, great. Otherwise, a little one-on-one at the basketball court or some Frisbee out on the lawn may be the perfect way to spend a little time outdoors with your spouse.

  • 2. Fly a kite

  • This is a wonderfully cheap date. You can usually purchase fun and whimsical kites at your local dollar store. With kites in hand, head to your nearest park or open, grassy field. While a strong wind is a must, so is a sense of humor, and a willingness to let your worries slip away for a while.

  • 3. Feed ducks

  • The chatter outside your window is probably a giveaway. In case you haven’t noticed, birds are no longer south for the winter. Give them a reason to be glad to be home by visiting the nearby pond with a loaf of old bread or even stale cereal. See if you can find the baby ducks and throw them a little extra.

  • 4. Go hiking

  • Springtime is perfect for hikes since it’s not too cold (or too hot) to be outside getting exercise. Plus, leaves are on the trees and flowers are blooming, so there’s a lot more to see.

  • 5. Plant a container garden

  • This is a date that keeps creating fun opportunities for interaction. Plus, it provides a nice reminder life lesson on patience and the value of work in caring for the plants. If you plant an herb or vegetable, you can use them in a cooking date later in the season.

  • 6. Browse the wares at a local flea market

  • Half of the fun of a flea market is meeting the vendors and chatting about what they sell. After being cooped up inside for so long, you and your spouse will probably welcome the interaction. If you happen to find something you’ve been wanting at a cheap price, so much the better.

  • 7. Go to the zoo or play a round of mini-golf

  • These kinds of activities are perfect for spring, especially if you live somewhere that gets unreasonably hot in the summertime. Either venue may also have special offers to open up their busy season with a bang.

  • There’s no better way to celebrate springtime than a little time with your sweetie. Whether you feed ducks, play a sport, or hit a local hiking trail, these dates will renew the freshness of your marriage as you enjoy the freshness of the season.

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