Engaged? How to feel the love during wedding planning

A high school basketball coach proposes at a game, only after a choreographed musical number by his players and students. Here are some tips to keep the love going during the wedding planning.

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  • Think back on it. That perfect day when you got down on one knee and, shaking a little bit, asked the woman of your dreams to marry you. Maybe you were on the other side of the love story, and your almost-husband was the one asking you the life changing question. Or maybe you're still waiting for your prince charming to sweep you off your feet.

  • No matter which character you are in the story, you probably think of engagement and get chills just thinking about the incredible moment of committing your life to the one you love.

  • Everyone loves love, and it's hard not to feel it during a musical engagement video like the one above. It's easy to assume that after getting engaged it's all hugs and kisses with a little bit of enjoyable planning on the side.

  • Actually, engagement can be the last test before your happily ever after. Planning a wedding while balancing work and a still-developing relationship, and finding some time for relaxation can seem impossible. However, as many happily married couples prove, it's not only possible to survive an engagement, but you can even enjoy yourself along the way.

  • At times, it may feel like your husband doesn't care about the wedding, but he might just need a break from constant wedding plans. Here's some advice for brides and grooms to help get you through engagement stress.

  • Brides: Take deep breaths

  • Future wives, cut your fiancé a little slack. Get his opinion on some wedding details, but don't bog him down too much. He might not care what color the napkins are or what type of flowers will be in the centerpieces. I'm not saying to exclude him — don't forget that this is his big day too. Some grooms are very interested in wedding plans and want to be involved every step of the way. No matter what, just try not to get too frustrated if his eyes gloss over after two hours of wedding gift registry.

  • Another tip for you beautiful bride-to-be — don't sweat the small stuff. Expect a roller coaster of unpredictable challenges along the way. Your husband might get a bad haircut. Your maid of honor might get the flu. And, worst of all, your flowers might not match perfectly. Just look around, realize this is a celebration and try to let go of the little details while keeping a bigger perspective.

  • Grooms: Get interested

  • As for the grooms, if you don't already, you're going to have to start caring about wedding plans at least a little bit. Try to understand how your sweetheart is feeling. She values your opinion and might even need a little help planning the big day. Even if you honestly don't care about the details of the reception, your support in the decision-making process can make a big difference.

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  • On the other hand, some brides may feel like their groom is overdoing it by trying to plan the entire wedding. The bottom line is, it's important to sit down after getting engaged and talk about the balance of wedding plans. Write down who will complete each task and respect those responsibilities. Try to help each other de-stress after a long day of organizing, and always remind your future spouse of your love. That's, ultimately, what matters most.

  • Keep calm and marry on

  • Finally, you can do this. You are in love with someone who loves you back. No matter what happens, your day will be filled with joy and excitement. Look forward to a wedding day filled with cheering, dancing, and smiles. But when planning gets tough, remember the moment he asked, and you said yes. Keep the love from that moment in your hearts and you can look forward to a great wedding day. It will be the first day of your happily ever after.

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