The best hidden vegetable smoothies

Do you have a picky child? Are you the picky eater in the family? Whatever the case, I dare you to make one of these smoothies and not like it!

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  • They are all the rage these days. Green drinks, veggie smoothies, goodness in a glass, etc... Whatever you want to call it, the main purpose of these drinks is to boost the vegetable intake in a day (especially for those picky eaters.)

    As a green drink lover, I have tried quite a few in my day. I've scoured the Internet and have selected some of my favorite recipes for you to try.

    • This green smoothie, by Two Peas and Their Pod, is a very standard, simple recipe. If you are new to green drinks, I would suggest following this recipe, first. You can't go wrong.

    • The Baker Chick has a very similar recipe, which is also delicious. The pineapple takes this smoothie from good to great.

    • I'm a huge fan of Jamba Juice, but most of their smoothies are more of a dessert than anything. They've started including some veggies in their smoothies, and they are delicious. Check out their website for a brief description of each smoothie and improvise with what you have on hand. Their "Orange Carrot Karma Smoothie" is calling my name. I may have to go make one right now.

    • Kimberly Snyder's "Glowing Green Smoothie" has a handful of delicious fruits and vegetables; sure to give you the boost you need to get through your day. With a total of 3 vegetables: spinach, romaine lettuce, and celery, you'll be on your way to getting those veggies down for the day.

    • Serious Eats turns a "Bloody Mary" into a "Virtuous Mary" by packing in the tomatoes and celery for a superstar drink.

    • This "healthy veggie smoothie" by Wellness Mama is packed with veggies but may be a bit difficult to get down. Check out her site for tips and tricks.

    • Carrie On Vegan's "Anti-Cancer Green Smoothie" sounds like an absolute dream: kale, dates, prunes, pomegranates, broccoli, strawberries, mangoes, can't go wrong with a line-up like that.

    • Lastly, "Whole Living" has a collection of over 40 smoothies with fruits and veggies hidden inside. You may want to take a look.

    The green color of these smoothies may send your kids (or you) running the other way, but give it a try. If it's too hard to gulp it down, try a straw.

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