How to meditate

Meditation is a great way to bring balance and serenity into your life, as well as just taking time out of your day to relax.

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  • In this crazy and fast-paced world we live in, it is so important to our well-being that we take time out for ourselves to meditate. There are many different forms of meditation, and it really differs from person to person. Meditation is a great way to bring balance and serenity into your life, as well as just taking time out of your day to just relax. Meditation is healthy for your soul as well as for your physical body. Here are some guidelines to help you in your meditation:

  • Space

  • In order to meditate effectively, you need to find a quiet, plain space that will allow you to focus on your thoughts effectively. If it’s a noisy place you probably won’t be able to focus and if it’s a place with "busy" décor, you’ll also find yourself struggling to focus on centering yourself instead of wondering if that frame is actually straight.

  • Sound

  • Some people absolutely rely on music to meditate. I am one of these people. I find that the best music for me to meditate to is music that doesn’t have a drum beat and for the most part, has indistinguishable rhythm to it. Beautiful open chords help me block out the noises of life. I’ve also found using simple white noise can work. You can find actual meditation soundtracks online if you are interested in a very focused musical genre.

  • Guided meditation

  • There are so many DVDs out there that help you find your center. For those that have a Wii Fit with Wii Sports package, there are some pretty decent guided yoga positions that will help you learn to breathe and focus. There are other systems like the Xbox 360 with Kinect that are also good programs for meditation. Be careful and picky about the guides you use for meditation. Something as simple as a certain word pronunciation could distract you and jeopardize your meditation.

  • Breathing

  • Breathing properly is absolutely key to effective meditation. Paying attention to how deeply and often you are taking breaths is a key start to centering your thoughts and maintaining deep relaxation. As simple as this may sound, there is a learning curve to proper breathing techniques for meditation.

  • Solo or group

  • Take into account how you’ve had the most success. While some people may not have a problem going to a class and meditating with others in the room. For others, meditation needs to be something that is very personal, including the space in which you occupy.

  • As you try out these different tips for effective mediation, remember that everyone meditates and relaxes differently. If you have the chance, try a large number of different situations, locations and methods to help you find the most effective way for you to meditate. Meditation can be incredibly helpful when you’re trying to clear your mind, relax and focus.

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