How to choose a bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquets come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and types. To find one that blends seamlessly with your wedding theme and at the same time, fully expresses your personality, follow the tips below to help you to choose a bouquet that suits you.

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  • A bridal bouquet is an item on your wedding day checklist that is almost as important as your wedding dress. Your wedding bouquet will say a lot about you and your personality. Wedding bouquets come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and types. Bouquets come in many silhouettes. Depending on the setting of your wedding, you can choose your bouquet from any of these types: Cascade, Nosegay, Arm Sheaf, and Flower Bracelet, Hand-tied, Round, and Free-form. Use these tips to find the perfect bouquet for you.

  • Consider your budget

  • Some flowers are available all year but some are not. To save expense on your bridal bouquet, choose flowers that will be in season at the time that you will be married. Your florist can help you know which flowers will be in season or will be able to suggest suitable alternatives.

  • Choose a suitable size of bouquet

  • Not every bouquet will work with your body type. Choose a bouquet that complements your entire figure. If you are tall, then an Arm Sheaf or Cascade arrangement will work well. A smaller Cascade or Nosegay work better for those with smaller frames and stature. If you are larger, make sure your flower arrangement is more substantial.

  • Make your choice based on wedding colors or theme

  • You might also choose your bouquet based on the colors or theme of your wedding. If you are having a beach themed wedding, you may want to consider blue and white flowers to echo the ocean, with shells as accents. If the reception is in the flower garden behind your house, choose flowers color that will blend with the flowers already in the garden. For a list of wedding flowers by color, visit [](

  • Choose flowers with meaning

  • Different flowers have different meanings infused in them. You could have your florist design your arrangement to “say” how you feel about your wedding day. For example, combine ivy (fidelity) with roses (love), or add orange blossoms (eternal love) and freesia (trust) to calla lilies (beauty and grace). A list of flowers and their meanings is found at .

  • Add special touches and personal attachments

  • If you have a few mementos that you want associated with your big day, consider using them to personalize your bridal bouquet. Family heirlooms like brooches and earrings can be pinned to the wrap of your wedding bouquet.

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  • Consider a non-flower wedding bouquet

  • There are many wonderful and new non-floral ideas for bridal bouquets. Some bouquets are made using old jewelry or brooches — perfect for incorporating something borrowed or something old like your great grandmother’s jewelry. There are also bouquets made from cloth flowers or from a collection of imitation butterflies, found at the local craft store.

  • Remember your bridal bouquet is supposed to make you the focus of attention, so choose your bouquet wisely and you'll dazzle all present.

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